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Driving Profitable Business Growth Through Marketing Analytics

Analytics impacts several strategic areas for consumer focused organizations including marketing, product development, customer relationship and advertising management. Analytic strategy starts with identifying and leveraging existing and new data sources from all consumer touch-points, public data and from the supply chain system. A comprehensive consumer data strategy starts with Consumer data captured through CRM systems, supply levers including distribution and pricing data captured at regular frequency, marketing levers and consumption data (either point of sales or shipments/warehouse depletions.

Timely vs. Precise? Precision vs. cycle-time is a frequent trade-off in sophisticated marketing analytics. Even so-called automated analytical platforms have some lag-time between when the data is collected vs. when it can be acted upon. Once data is identified, it needs to be integrated to feed analytic processes and applications for systematic data-mining.

Developing Actionable & Consistently Measurable Metrics: Setting up a sophisticated Marketing Analytics environment is a wasted effort without the right metrics to measure variance in marketing activity and response. The right metrics are critical to truly measuring and enhancing Marketing Effectiveness.

While expert opinion and judgment are still an active component of marketing processes, Analytics is making Marketing Management and Performance measurement less esoteric to the rest of the business organization. The more consistently measurable marketing becomes, the less prone it will be to the CFO's cost-cutting scalpel. Applications and techniques discussed on this portal are all empowered by an integrated data environment.

Marketing Econometrics Toolkit

Pooled Regression Model
Mixed Effects (Bayesian) Models
Binary Logit (Logistic) Regression Model
Multinomial Logit Model
Advertising Adstock
Cluster Analysis

8 Marketing Metrics For Every Marketer

Marketing Elasticity
Marketing Sources of Volume

Profit Margin
Marketing ROI/Payback
Customer Lifetime Value
Cost & Efficiency Metrics
Reach, Frequency &Awareness


Contemporary Economic & Business Perspectives From


Marketing Analytics Primer

Marketing ROI Analytics: Marketing-Mix Modeling & Analytics help determine ROI and effectiveness of marketing activities.
Segmentation Analytics: Consumer segmentation Analytics allows managers to better serve the needs of a diverse consumer population and can be leveraged to enhance customer experience.
Brand Equity Analytics: Brand value is an important aspect of a firm's value and cash-flows and Brand Equity Analytics help maximize Marketing enhance this value.
Advertising Optimization Analytics:  Advertising Optimization models can compare the financial impact of different allocation scenarios of Marketing investments.
Online Advertising Model: Online Advertising Analytics help in maximizing the impact of your online and offline branding initiatives and ROI
Demand Forecasting: Demand Analytics and Forecasting from a marketing perspective are a critical validation that marketing strategies are yielding the desired and contemplated results.
Complete Market Research Strategy: Holistic application Marketing Analytics can yield a Market Research Strategy rather than a collection of individual techniques.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM Analytics help manage and enhance customer interaction across all possible touch-points, includeing Acquisition, Customer Service, Customer Support (Technical & Transactional) and Customer Retention.

Pricing Strategies: Pricing Analytics are critical to a firm's health both at the strategic level, which takes into account long-term profit objectives or at a Tactical level, which optimizes price to take into account short-term market dynamics.

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